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Arts and Culture

Arts and culture are integral to a well-rounded community. The City strives to expand arts and culture resources to meet the needs of all Burlingame community members, and to have Burlingame recognized as an arts and culture hub in the Bay Area, where cultural resources and arts programming are interwoven into the community.

Goal: EE-2

Celebrate and accommodate a diversity of arts and culture programs and institutions.

Develop a comprehensive Arts and Culture Master Plan that identifies needs, opportunities, and funding mechanisms for arts city-wide. 

Master Plans

Partner with schools and other educational institutions to promote arts-based learning for residents of all ages. 

Agency Coordination

Establish an Art in Public Places Program, governed by a Public Art Commission or committee, that provides opportunities for visual art to enhance Burlingame’s open spaces. Utilize local artists for public art installations whenever possible. 

Master Plans Services and Operations

Encourage developers to incorporate public art into new development sites and to participate in the Art in Public Places Program. 

Services and Operations Partnerships with the Private Sector

Provide all Burlingame community members with opportunities to experience arts and culture by reducing barriers to entry, establishing free and open community arts programs, and providing a range of arts and cultural spaces for Burlingame’s diverse population. 

Public Information and Education Financing and Budgeting Services and Operations

Support community-based arts and culture institutions, and expand partnerships to ensure long-term feasibility. 

Partnerships with the Private Sector

Support events that build community through a range of arts and cultural opportunities. 

Partnerships with the Private Sector