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The City of Burlingame owns, operates, and maintains the local sanitary sewage collection and treatment facilities. The network of pipes that collect sewage, which covers approximately six square miles and serves 9,000 customers (see Figure IF-2), consists of approximately 100 miles of gravity sewers, seven pump stations, and 15,800 linear feet of force mains. The wastewater collected is treated at the Burlingame Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) on Airport Boulevard, which has a secondary treatment capacity of 15 million gallons per day (which includes wastewater treatment for the neighboring Town of Hillsborough). The WWTP underwent upgrades in 1994, 2006, and 2011. Treated effluent from the plant (that is, the outflow) is transported by intertie pipeline through the cities of Millbrae and San Bruno to a regional outfall into San Francisco Bay located off Point San Bruno near South San Francisco.

Goal: IF-3

Provide sufficient wastewater collection and disposal infrastructure to meet current and future community needs.

Operate and maintain the sewage collection system to minimize the potential for system malfunction or failure. 

Master Plans Services and Operations

Operate and maintain the City’s wastewater treatment plant to ensure that wastewater discharge meets all applicable federal and regional permit provisions. 

Master Plans Services and Operations

Adopt innovative, efficient, and environmentally beneficial wastewater treatment technologies. 

Master Plans Services and Operations

Develop and implement a plan to repair or replace underperforming wastewater facilities to remove excessive infiltration and inflow from stormwater and other non-sewer sources. This includes effective enforcement of ordinances applicable to lateral sewer line replacement. 

Master Plans Financing and Budgeting Services and Operations

Continue to improve the seismic safety of the sewage collection and treatment system, including seismic retrofits of facilities near fault lines and/or subject to severe groundshaking. 

Master Plans Services and Operations

Ensure that adequate wastewater collection and treatment services for all new development are available before developments are approved. Require new development projects to fund the full cost of upgrading sewage collection and treatment infrastructure to meet their specific needs. 

Development Review Services and Operations