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Natural Resources and Sustainability

The transportation sector is one of the largest sources of air pollutants and the most significant user of energy resources. Reducing use of transportation modes that rely solely on fossil fuels or emit greenhouse gases supports the community’s goal for improved environmental conditions and more sustainable mobility practices. Burlingame’s planned multimodal approach encourages the use of multiple transportation options. The following goal and policies identify ways the City can reduce congestion and provide more opportunities to reallocate right-of-way for green space and alternative modes of transportation.

Goal: M-8

Achieve air quality, sustainability, and greenhouse gas emission reduction objectives through technology upgrades and improved management of Burlingame’s streets.

Identify electric vehicle charging priority locations and opportunities to integrate emerging technology into public parking infrastructure to encourage and expand the use of zero-emissions vehicles. 

Master Plans Public Information and Education

Support vehicle trip reduction strategies, including building safer and more inviting active transportation networks, supporting connections to high frequency and regional transit, implementing TDM programs, and integrating land use and transportation decisions. 

Development Review Master Plans Agency Coordination