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Bayfront Recreation
Bayfront Recreation

Healthy People & Healthy Places

Land use planning and neighborhood design can contribute to the overall health and well-being of Burlingame residents. Why is this important? From a public policy perspective, healthy people and healthy places practices can benefit the community economically, from reduced health care costs to savings in transportation expenditures to generating jobs associated with local food production. Planning and designing healthy environments encourages social interaction, reduces crime, helps seniors age in place, and minimizes residents’ exposure to pollution. Programs that promote the sustainable use of natural resources benefit the environment and preserve natural places for all to enjoy.

In 2016, health data for Burlingame residents provided by Sustainable San Mateo County indicated that overall, community members have good health, but that older residents and youth needed more focused attention to improve health and activity levels. This Healthy People and Healthy Places Element focuses on policy initiatives that will address the most critical health needs in the city, safeguard and improve residents’ personal health, maintain and enhance Burlingame’s parks and open spaces, and protect local environmental resources within the context of the following health-related topics:

  • Public Health
  • Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Reduction
  • Parks, Open Space, and Recreation
  • Biological Resources
  • Water Resources
  • Scenic Resources