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Train Crossing
Train Crossing

Community Safety

Burlingame residents, business owners, and visitors value the safe environment the City offers. Low crime rates and efficient police, fire, and emergency medical services all contribute to the collective feeling of safety. At the same time, the City’s location alongside San Francisco Bay, the hillside environments, and natural features such as earthquake faults, present risks that are compounded by human-made hazards and the effects of climate change.

The Community Safety Element establishes goals and policies designed to protect public health and safety, provide for sound emergency preparedness planning, and build in resiliency. This Element addresses these safety planning and response topics:

  • Police Protection
  • Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services
  • Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Response and Resilience
  • Noise
  • Seismic and Geologic Hazards
  • Airport Hazards
  • Sea Level Rise