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Burlingame General Plan Mobility Element
Burlingame General Plan Mobility Element


The many mobility, access, and transportation choices available to residents, visitors, and employees of businesses in the city contribute to Burlingame’s vibrant economy and community health. When people can make easy choices to forego driving their cars and instead take the train or the bus, bike, or walk to local destinations and to places more distant, everyone benefits.

The City is committed to providing a convenient and inviting multimodal network that connects all of Burlingame internally, and that integrates well with regional networks. To continue improving mobility and preparing for transportation demands of the future, the City will focus on working within established roadway infrastructure to fully support transit, bicycle, and pedestrian mobility, as well as travel modes that may emerge during the life of this plan, such as self-driving cars and electrified rail. These initiatives will include programmatic changes, such as updating how the City evaluates traffic impacts. Physical improvements will include improved street designs that encourage environmentally friendly travel habits. Altogether, these changes will result in improved connections for everyone who lives in, works in, and visits Burlingame.

This Mobility Element includes goals and policies that address:

  • Multimodal Transportation Network
  • Safe and Convenient Pedestrian Facilities
  • Bicycle Facilities
  • Transit Access and Amenities
  • Transportation Demand Management
  • Integration of Transportation and Land Use
  • Parking
  • Natural Resources and Sustainability
  • Performance Measures and Guidelines
  • Corridor and Area Plans