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Access to efficient and affordable telecommunications infrastructure—including broadband, fiber optic, wireless (wi-fi), and emerging technologies—connects Burlingame to the world and can serve as an economic development tool, attracting businesses that require high-speed, reliable service. Burlingame will work to establish a wide range of innovative telecommunications systems and services to attract and retain state-of-the-art businesses, provide information and communication access for all residents, and facilitate public education.

Goal: IF-7

Install state-of-the-art technology and telecommunications infrastructure to support Burlingame residents, businesses, institutions, and public agencies.

Work with service providers to ensure access to and availability of a wide range of state-of-the-art telecommunications systems and services for households, businesses, institutions, public spaces, and public agencies throughout Burlingame. 

Financing and Budgeting Partnerships with the Private Sector

Encourage the co-location of telecommunications facilities, and work with service providers to site telecommunications facilities on City-owned property and within public rights-of-way wherever possible. 

Development Review Partnerships with the Private Sector

Establish requirements for the incorporation and accessibility of state-of-the-art, attractive telecommunications systems and services for public use in public buildings and spaces. 

Development Review Public Information and Education

Establish requirements for the installation of state-of-the-art internal telecommunications technologies in new office, commercial, and hotel developments. 

Development Review

Encourage the expansion of fiber optic cable infrastructure throughout the city. 

Development Review Partnerships with the Private Sector

Require service providers to upgrade existing facilities as part of permit or lease renewals, and encourage the use of newer technologies that allow the facility components to be reduced in size or improve screening or camouflaging. 

Development Review Partnerships with the Private Sector

Implement measures that require above-ground telecommunications infrastructure—and antenna in particular—to be shielded, integrated into buildings, or otherwise utilize stealth approaches to minimize their aesthetic impacts. 

Development Review

Prepare and regularly update a Telecommunications Master Plan with regulations and guidelines for wireless and emerging technology installation. 

Master Plans Services and Operations Financing and Budgeting