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Two electricity providers service Burlingame, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE). PG&E provides electrical and natural gas service, offers programs and rebates for energy efficiency, operates and expands transmission lines and gas service based on projected demands, and ensures that systems are properly maintained and reliable. PG&E is required to make sure that transmission and distribution facilities incorporate safety features and the latest technological advancements.

PCE is San Mateo County’s community choice energy program that provides cleaner electricity at competitive rates and with a higher renewable energy content than PG&E. Burlingame joined PCE to provide a choice for its community, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and support renewable energy. PCE offers two rates for customers:

  1. ECOplus is the default rate with at least 50% renewable energy content: and
  2. ECO100 is the opt-up rate with 100% renewable energy.

Most of Burlingame’s electricity customers are enrolled in PCE rather than PG&E and at the ECOplus rate. PCE plans to offer energy efficiency programs and rebates in the future.

Goal: IF-6

Ensure the provision of adequate and safe gas and electric services to Burlingame residents and businesses, and that energy facilities are constructed in a fashion that minimizes their impacts on surrounding development and maximizes efficiency.

Coordinate with PCE, PG&E, and other service providers to make sure that they provide efficient, reliable, affordable, and state-of-the-art service to Burlingame, and that they promote technological improvements and upgrading of utility services. Coordinate with providers in the siting and design of gas and electric facilities to minimize environmental, aesthetic, and safety impacts. 

Agency Coordination Partnerships with the Private Sector

Work with regulators and energy providers to monitor, evaluate, and maintain the safety of utility facilities (e.g., gas pipelines and electric lines and transformers). Where facilities are found to be a potential safety concern, especially those that could be impacted by seismic events, support utility provider efforts to repair or replace affected facilities. 

Agency Coordination Partnerships with the Private Sector

Provide back-up power supplies for critical facilities. 

Services and Operations

Encourage the undergrounding of existing overhead facilities, and require new facilities to be undergrounded when tied to large-scale or multi-block development. 

Development Review Master Plans

Encourage energy providers to maintain, regularly inspect, and repair gas pipelines and electric utility lines, both overhead and underground, to ensure reliable and safe services with limited disruptions. To this end, the City will inform energy providers of pending public works projects that provide opportunities to inspect or repair underground utility lines. 

Services and Operations Agency Coordination Partnerships with the Private Sector

Work with energy providers to plan for and provide for the electricity needs of a growing EV network in Burlingame. 

Master Plans Agency Coordination

Work with energy providers to allow for their rights-of-way and easements to be considered for dual use as public open space, trails, parkland, community gardens, and other compatible passive recreational uses.

Development Review Partnerships with the Private Sector Agency Coordination Services and Operations

Increase ECO100 enrollment by residences and businesses. Coordinate with community champions and PCE to expand outreach on ECO100. 

Agency Coordination Services and Operations Public Information and Education