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Solid Waste and Recycling

Burlingame is part of a regional JPA that manages solid waste collection and recycling services for several cities. Under California law, the JPA is required to divert waste from landfills (recycle and reduce) to achieve State waste reduction and pollution prevention goals. Burlingame residents, businesses, and local institutions have shown a clear commitment to reducing the waste stream, having achieved a 60 percent waste diversion rate as of 2016. The City has led by example through its Environmental Purchasing Policy and sponsorship of zero waste City events. Even with the tremendous success the City and JPA have achieved, additional waste reduction will be attained through increased recycling opportunities, new goals and programs for businesses and institutions, more home composting, and sustainable purchasing practices that extend to residents and businesses.

For additional policies related to solid waste reduction and recycling, refer to the Healthy People and Healthy Places Element.

Goal: IF-5

Achieve waste reduction goals in excess of State mandates.

Monitor the City’s solid waste and recycling services franchisee to ensure that services provided meet the needs of the community. 

Master Plans Services and Operations

Coordinate with the City’s contracted waste hauler/recycler to ensure adequate landfill capacity in the region exists for the contract duration. 

Services and Operations Agency Coordination

Reduce municipal waste generation by continuing to employ a wide range of simple and innovative techniques, such as electronic communications, to reduce paper usage and buying products with less packaging and in bulk. 

Services and Operations Public Information and Education

Identify uses of disposable, toxic, and nonrenewable products in City operations and seek ways to reduce, avoid, or substitute such uses with less toxic options. 

Services and Operations

Require demolition, remodeling, and major new development projects include salvaging or recycling asphalt and concrete and all other non-hazardous construction and demolition materials to the maximum extent practicable. 

Development Review

Educate residents and businesses regarding proper and safe means of electronic waste disposal at permitted facilities, and make it easy for them to do so. 

Public Information and Education

Facilitate the ability of all residents to compost both for their own use and for collection by contract waste haulers. 

Services and Operations

Support regional efforts to develop and implement effective waste management strategies. 

Agency Coordination Public Information and Education

Conduct and enhance programs that promote waste reduction through partnerships with schools, institutions, businesses, and homes. 

Agency Coordination Public Information and Education

Work with providers and businesses to provide convenient hazardous and e-waste facilities for the community. 

Agency Coordination Partnerships with the Private Sector

Maintain and update a City preferential purchasing policy for products that reduce packaging waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and toxic contaminants, and that are reusable. 

Services and Operations

Encourage reuse of materials and reusable products. Develop a program for reuse of materials and reusable products in City facilities and outreach programs for community-wide participation by promoting community-wide garage sales and online venues. 

Services and Operations

Collaborate with agencies and large businesses or projects to enhance opportunities for community-wide recycling, reuse, and reduction programs. 

Agency Coordination Partnerships with the Private Sector Public Information and Education

Encourage the use of recycled materials and sustainably harvested materials in City and private projects. 

Development Review Agency Coordination

Expand composting programs in coordination with waste vendor to all residential type and businesses. 

Agency Coordination Partnerships with the Private Sector

Participate in negotiations with waste vendor to implement zero waste supportive contracts and services.

Agency Coordination Services and Operations