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Police Protection

The quality of the City’s Police Department and its relationship with the community have a direct impact on Burlingame’s overall safety and security, as well as maintaining the community’s high quality of life. The following goal and policies aim to enhance the services and operations of the Burlingame Police Department while strengthening community partnerships.

Goal: CS-1

Ensure high-quality, responsive police services necessary to deter crime and support a safe and secure community.

Maintain optimal police staffing levels, including sworn officers and civilian support, necessary to meet current and projected community needs. 

Financing and Budgeting Services and Operations Master Plans

Develop, maintain, and implement a Police Department Master Plan that guides the provision of equipment, facilities, training, and operations centers. 

Master Plans

Identify, monitor, and achieve appropriate minimum police response times for all call priority levels. 

Master Plans Agency Coordination Services and Operations

Coordinate with local, regional, State, and Federal criminal justice agencies to promote regional cooperation in the delivery of police services. 

Agency Coordination Public Information and Education

Maintain and encourage two-way communication with the Burlingame community to facilitate public safety and effective policing. 

Public Information and Education