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Efficient and Sustainable Municipal Operations

The City of Burlingame Public Works Department maintains systems for water supply and delivery, wastewater collection and treatment, and stormwater drainage and flood control. The City participates in a joint powers authority (JPA) for solid waste and recycling services, and revists agreements with services providers on a regular basis to ensure community needs and objectives are being met. The City is committed to providing high service levels through its own operations and for contract services.

Goal: IF-1

Ensure the provision of adequate, efficient, and sustainable municipal operations to ensure long-term, high-quality utility services for Burlingame residents, institutions, and businesses.

Prioritize capital improvement funding to rehabilitate or replace critical infrastructure that has reached the end of its useful life or has capacity constraints. 

Master Plans Services and Operations Financing and Budgeting

Ensure, through a combination of improvement fees and other funding mechanisms, that new development pays its fair share of providing new public facilities and services and/or the costs of expanding/upgrading existing facilities and services impacted by new development. 

Development Review Financing and Budgeting

Ensure that public facilities and infrastructure are located, designed, and maintained so that noise, light, glare, or odors associated with these facilities will not adversely affect nearby land uses, particularly residential areas. Require these facilities to use building and landscaping materials that are compatible with, or screen them from, neighboring properties. 

Development Review Services and Operations

§  Make purchasing decisions that minimize packaging and avoid waste. Implement recycling programs that reduce waste beyond State-mandated requirements.Implement municipal energy efficiency and conservation practices that reduce water, electricity and natural gas use.Run fleet operations in a manner that reduces the consumption of non-renewable energy sources. Ensure that new City facilities incorporate low-impact development stormwater management practices. 

Development Review Services and Operations Public Information and Education

Ensure that public infrastructure is designed to meet planned needs consistent with the General Plan growth capacity to avoid the need for future upsizing. Maintain a balance between meeting future growth needs and over-sizing of infrastructure to avoid fiscal impacts or impacts on other goals. 

Development Review Master Plans Services and Operations

Require coordination of construction activity between various providers, particularly in City facilities and rights-of-way, to ensure that the community is not unnecessarily inconvenienced. Require that providers maintain adequate space for all utilities when planning and constructing their infrastructure. 

Development Review Agency Coordination Partnerships with the Private Sector Public Information and Education