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Broadway Mixed Use

The Broadway Mixed Use (BMU) designation establishes a mixed-use corridor that maintains commercial uses along the Broadway frontage, with an emphasis on independently owned businesses. The goal is to maintain a commercial district that is active seven days a week, with restaurants and shops lining the Broadway corridor at a pedestrian scale. Permitted uses along the Broadway frontage are limited to retail and service, with only ancillary office space. Residential uses are allowed only on upper floors. Ground-floor office uses are only allowed on side streets (exclusive of El Camino Real) on properties that do not have frontage on Broadway.

The scale of development shall not exceed three stories, and step-back or step-down building approaches may be required where buildings border lower-scale residential development in adjacent districts.

Development Standards: 50 Dwelling Units per Gross Acre / Maximum Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 2.0

Broadway mixed use building examples