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Principle 1: Balanced and Smart Growth

The Burlingame community recognizes the need to grow in a manner that supports inclusivity and access while protecting established neighborhoods and community assets. General Plan policies guide future development and investments in a manner that is thoughtful, sustainable, and reflective of local values. The following are the tenets of this Plan Principle.

  • Allow residential growth to occur in targeted areas near transit, which is by and large not near existing neighborhoods, while not adding density or changing uses within the existing single family neighborhoods.
  • Focus commercial growth in the Bayside area east of Highway 101, and as smaller-scale infill in the Downtown area.
  • Encourage growth of businesses where supportive physical and community infrastructure are available or can readily be provided, and where such growth contributes to the positive qualities and characteristics that define Burlingame.
  • Maintain a balance of ownership and rental housing, with opportunities for people of all income ranges to live in Burlingame.
  • Base land use decisions on the ability of the multimodal transportation network to support growth.
  • Be mindful of the need to balance the growth of jobs locally with the ability of the City to provide sufficient capacity for housing that meets the needs of all income levels