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Principle 3: Connectivity

For Burlingame residents and visitors to access the full range of services and amenities the City offers, meaningful connections must be provided that can be safely navigated by all modes of travel. The mobility concepts, goals and policies in this General Plan seek to improve connectivity and access by realizing the following:

  • Ensure provision of a well-defined multimodal transportation network that accommodates a range of travel choices and connects Burlingame to the region.
  • Provide safe, convenient, and comfortable vehicular and pedestrian connections across Highway 101, linking the Bayfront with the rest of the City.
  • Develop and maintain safe and easy-to-use, protected bicycle and pedestrian travelways citywide, with an emphasis on providing connections from neighborhoods to local schools, parks, shopping, and entertainment.
  • Ensure the provision of “first-mile” and “last-mile” connections to and from transit stations, providing safe and effective access between transit and destinations.