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Principle 2: Community Character/Urban Forest

Burlingame’s physical character is defined by its cherished tree groves and urban forest, distinct neighborhoods and business districts, and historic structures and resources. The City should ensure that these features are respected and enhanced, with streetscape and architectural styles sensitive to long-established forms and features.

  • Ensure that trees continue to be an integral character-defining feature of our streetscapes, neighborhoods, and business districts.
  • Recognize the distinct qualities of Burlingame’s many and varied neighborhoods and business districts, and require that new development respond to and respect the desired character-defining features of these places.
  • Protect the character and quality of Burlingame’s historical buildings, neighborhoods, districts, and landscapes.
  • Be receptive to modern design approaches that complement the Burlingame aesthetic and are harmonious with their surroundings.
  • Protect and expand the City’s urban forest and tree groves as aesthetic, historical, and environmental resources.
  • Maintain the Floor Area Ratio and design guidelines for single family homes as a balance between home expansion and neighborhood character, while being mindful that changing parking and Accessory Dwelling Unit requirements may necessitate some modifications in the future.