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Principle 4: Economic Diversity and Vitality

The City of Burlingame recognizes the importance of a diverse economic base to providing sustainable, reliable revenue to the City and access to economic opportunity for residents. A combination of small, local “mom-and-pop” businesses should co-exist alongside larger regional and national enterprises. The goals and policies of the General Plan ensure the City accommodates and supports a mix of commercial activity while providing the flexibility to adapt to a dynamic economic environment.

  • Support and encourage the operations of local, independent businesses equally to businesses that are regionally and nationally owned.
  • Accommodate a mix of businesses that collectively works to maintain a stable tax base and revenue stream for the City.
  • Pay attention to the evolving nature of how people work and shop, and help ensure that Burlingame’s commercial and auto row districts can adapt and be resilient.
  • Remain able to respond to demands for high-quality and adaptable office space to enhance Burlingame’s attraction to high-quality professional providers.