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Projected and Desired Growth for Burlingame

The Envision Burlingame community process and study area framework helped guide growth discussions for the General Plan. Important local considerations driving the discussion of growth included infrastructure capacity, public facilities (particularly school capacity in Burlingame), transportation, and community character. The goal of this General Plan is to identify an appropriate level of growth that responds to Burlingame’s commitment to accommodate new residents and housing units, while also ensuring adequate services and infrastructure to support that growth. Community members have expressed a desire to accommodate growth in targeted areas well-served by transit, to provide more affordable housing, and to maintain Burlingame’s charm and small-town character.

Envision Burlingame Growth Scenario

The Envision Burlingame process evaluated several growth scenarios that responded to the community’s strong desire to target areas for higher-density, more affordable housing. This General Plan accommodates an estimated 23 percent increase in the population over 2016 conditions, to a build-out population of 36,600 residents. This includes 2,951 new housing units and 9,731 new jobs (see Table CX-1). As is discussed in Chapter 4: Community Character, most of this growth will be targeted in the North Burlingame area, North Rollins Road, and Downtown, providing opportunities for higher-density housing close to transit (BART and CalTrain), services, and the Burlingame Avenue and Broadway commercial districts.


  Housing Units Population Jobs
2016 13,144 29,724 29,879
Build-out 16,065 36,600 39,610
Net New 2,951 6,876 9,731